You Are Remembered

Dear Chris,
We met in 2009 at a SDL1&2 training in Melbourne. I had heard about the Spiral Dynamics program and somehow expected to participate in a fascinating learning experience about human nature. I was profoundly impressed by your and Natasha’s depth of understanding and the teaching mastery you both displayed. Everything became an opportunity to practice and refine: a movie, a stroll through downtown’s back alleys, a lively in-class discussion, a documentary, an interview, or the story of a business as related by its founder… You made the complex simple, the dark bright, and you asked the questions that helped me deconstruct my reality. You lead by example and you soon became a source of unending inspiration. You made me a better coach.
What I had not expected was the warmth, the profound humility, the gentleness, the openness, the sense of humour, the depth of wisdom. I had expected Spiral Dynamics, I discovered the man behind it.
Chris you made a deep impression on me. How many times did i think about your “What I say about what I see says more about me than about what I see”, and how many times did I quote you in my workshops! You remain the embodiment of “the essence without frills”, a very rare quality in today’s world, someone happy to be who they are, and who passes his wisdom with utter generosity.
You are always present in my mind and in my heart.

Helene Liu, August 5, 2015

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