Spiral Dynamics® Cases & Applications

(Professional/Premium Only)

The three prior courses – Navigating Change, Human Systems and Transitions – come together in the Applications course as each participant puts applications to work in an organizational case study and presents results, so that all participants have a chance to learn from each others’ case studies.

A 2.5 Day Onsite Applications Course, With Support and Coaching over 12 Weeks Online to Help Integrate and Apply Learning

Individual, Team, Corporate Case Studies (Professional/Premium)

  • Examining Cultures (Unique, Typical, Emerging)
  • Organizational Alignment:
    • Matching Employees to Tasks, Goals
    • Change Management Alignment & Congruence
    • Leadership in a Differential Context
    • Effective Teams and Dysfunctional Groups
  • Examining Cases of Regression and Their Causes
  • Unique Profiles Compared to Typical Cases
  • Mismanagement and Contextual Adaptation
  • Analyzing Inter-Systemic Conflicts and Collaboration
  • Open, Closed, Arrested States in Systems Development
  • Insightful Choice-Making
  • Perceiving Others’ Needs and Worldviews
  • Insights to Resolve Values-Based Impasses

Deepening Understanding & Applying Insights

  • Congruent Systems, or Adapting Approaches for Existing and Future Organization Culture:
    • Establishing the Existing Culture’s Norms and Values
    • How to Detect the Unseen Forces Behind Behavior
    • Evaluating Dysfunction versus Worldview Differences
  • Building a 21st Century Workplace:
    • Key Skills and Approaches to Thrive in Terms of Sales/Customers, Management/Employee, Culture/Staff, etc.
    • Avoiding Missteps: Using Fact-Based Data and Assessment to Tailor Work to the People Involved

Mastermind Online Option (Professional/Premium):

  • 3 Months of Support While You Apply New Tools
  • 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching
  • Online Bonus Training Videos
  • Community Collaboration and Exchange

Potential Applications

  • Defining and Designing Culture with Purpose
  • Management and Motivation Fitting with Worldviews
  • Creating Conditions for Customers/Employees to Thrive
  • Understanding Conflict, Change, and “Emergent” Processes in and between Departments
  • Congruent Management, Leadership, and Motivational Interventions
  • Creating Systems That Nourish Growth, Innovation and Creativity
  • Assessment of Culture, Motivation, Leadership, Teams, etc.
  • Developing High Performing Teams
  • Leadership Development and Understanding Follower Needs
  • Amping Up Engagement

Supported Learning Process:

  • Building an Overarching Framework for Projects
  • Using the Tools and Insights to Design Congruent Solutions
  • Uncovering Unseen Human Systems & Dynamics in Psychosocial Shifts
  • Deciding What Model(s) to Use, When, With Whom, and Why

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