Constructing Your Custom Spiral Dynamics® Change Game Plan


93% of Leaders Feel Ill-Equipped to Construct Organizational Change and Face Costly Hurdles

Are any of the following part of the challenges you face:

  • Lack of collaboration and ineffective teamwork.
  • Uneven buy-in and conflict – 50% of initiatives tend to fail.
  • Resistance, active or passive, to change-related initiatives.
  • Reduced trust and engagement – 71% of organizations have low engagement.
  • Leadership conflicts and misalignments.
  • Loss of talent as stressed or resistant employees head out the door.
  • Strategic confusion, with focus on peripheral rather than critical issues.
  • Negative return on investment in new technologies, processes or markets.

Your Change Resilience Game Plan Will:

  • Encourage innovation.
  • Increase resourcefulness and flexibility for individuals, teams and leaders.
  • Support organizational collaboration.
  • Build responsive, change-capable teams.
  • Improve workforce retention and performance.
  • Boost return on investment for new technologies, processes or markets.
  • Increase organizational competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Return strategic focus to issues critical to change success.

A Unique Process Designed for Your Needs

Navigating change is as unique as your organization’s journey and situation. Like Goldilocks, to succeed, it has to be just right … tailored for you, which is why we’ll use the Goldilocks Transformer along with our unique Spiral Dynamics® assessments, tools, and co-created solutions such as the Resilience Amplifier and the Team Change Maximizer. We can help you better understand where your organization and your teams are starting from and where you are heading. Together, based on data and sound analysis, we’ll develop a Change Resilience Game Plan tailored to your unique needs.

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You also benefit from onsite and online support at every step, from analysis through implementation. Contact us for one-on-one, 30 minute needs clarity conversation about how to increase the likelihood that your change initiative will succeed:

A Change Success Story

A midsized, family-owned manufacturing company used Spiral Dynamics to restructure and initiate an employee stock ownership plan, reaching the most profitable point in its history.

For more examples, go to Our Success Stories & Testimonials.

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