Leadership Development

Whether you are a brand new leader, mid-career, or highly experience and transitioning into a new role, this is for you.

Leaders are not born or made; they are selected by the people who choose to follow them. The leader/follower relationship can be furthered by using the principles of congruency between leader and follower. The Spiral Dynamics Tools, Assessments, and Program make these invisible links manageable and transparent.

Individuals interested in Leadership Development have a number of program options:

Spiral Dynamics for Leadership – A Personal, Customized Development Track

It offers new skills to:

  • Dig into What Makes People “Tick” and Really Understand Your Staff’s Needs;
  • Become More Persuasive;
  • Build More Productive Working Relationships;
  • Motivate Employees and Co-workers to Excel;
  • Communicate in Sensitive, Non-threatening Ways;
  • Resolve Conflicts and Promote Improvement;
  • Crack What it Takes to Build Dynamic Teams;
  • Identify, Coach and Groom New Leaders;
  • Manage Conflict As a Constructive Part of Organizational Culture;
  • Employ the Proven Empowerment Techniques of Successful Leaders;
  • Manage Change in a Positive, Productive Way;
  • Develop and Communicate a Vision for the Future That Will Focus Employee Efforts;
  • Effectively Introduce Changes and Get the Support You Need to Implement Them.

Leaders around the world hire us to amplify their style, build stronger connections, and communicate their vision. Because don’t get the truth, are managed “up” and told what they want to hear by their teams. We enable leaders to more effectively mobilize their staff and teams behind their vision, inspire more powerfully, and lead with confidence according to their personality without having to turn themselves into pretzels to imitate someone else. Bottom line, our clients raise their leadership capacity by 50-300%.

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