Spiral Dynamics® Transitions Course

(Professional/Premium Only)

Building on the foundations laid in the pre-requisite Navigating Change and Human Systems courses, the Transitions course takes a more extensive and in-depth look at Gravesian theory and its approach to human nature as it changes, evolves and transforms. By concentrating on primary source materials you’ll gain understanding and gain experience, with our skilled support and facilitation, in applying theory to organizational challenges. You will have the chance to learn from others as they examine transitions, complex adaptive systems and shifting patterns in their organizational context.

A 2.5-Day Onsite Transitions Course, With Support and Coaching over 12 Weeks Online to Help Integrate and Apply Learning.

A Systemic Approach to Transitions (Professional/Premium):

  • Examining, Entering and Exiting Phases of Systems
  • Predicting and Handling Transitions
  • Curve of Transitional Phases
  • Recognition Principles for Transition Analysis
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Core Systems
  • Congruent Communication Strategies
  • 20 Psychological Characteristics
  • Mismanagement and Contextual Adaptation
  • Analyzing Inter-system Conflicts and Collaboration
  • Open, Closed, Arrested States in Systems Development
  • Spiral Dynamics® Assessments

Your Possible Applications

  • Building Effective Strategies for Congruent Leadership During Organizational Transitions
  • Insightful Choice-Making: “When to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, when to walk away–and when to run!”
  • Analyzing Changing Worldviews
  • Leading Through Changing Human Systems
  • Resolving Transition-Based Impasses
  • Communicating, Leading and Guiding via Assessment

Mastermind Online Option (Professional/Premium):

  • 3 Months of Support While You Apply New Tools
  • 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching
  • Online Bonus Training Videos
  • Community Collaboration and Exchange

Supported Learning Process:

  • Building an Overarching Framework for Change Projects
  • Using the Tools to Manage Change Through Transitions
  • Uncovering Unseen Systems & Psychosocial Shifts
  • Deciding What Model(s) to Use, When, With Whom, and Why Through Transitions


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