Spiral Dynamics® Organizational Collaboration Game Plan

71% of employees in most organizations are not working at their optimal level!

Without Collaboration, Your Goals and Success are at Risk — How Many of These Challenges Resonate with You:

  • Competing interests that derail and delay projects.
  • Work stress leading to absenteeism, “presenteeism,” and rising medical costs.
  • The Corporate Body Count: Poor workforce performance and high turnover.
  • Hyper-individualism and “bad apple” behavior.
  • Strategic confusion as approaches and views clash.
  • Bottom-line bleeding and talent loss.
  • Lack of forward momentum in profits, technology or market share.
  • A leadership vacuum with warring power centers.
  • Poor fit between problems and solutions.
  • Low engagement and failed initiatives

Your Custom-Made Organizational Collaboration Game Plan Will

  • Reveal underlying views and values to address misunderstandings.
  • Resolve conflicts and align teams and leadership.
  • Innovatively solve competing interests.
  • Alter “bad apple” behavior and deal with your “problem child(ren).”
  • Reduce workplace stress.
  • Improve retention and engagement.
  • Boost workforce performance and bottom-line results.
  • Support innovation and positive change.
  • Increase project success rates.

A Unique Process Designed for Your Needs

Collaboration isn’t for everyone and we can analyse whether or not it is for you. If it is possible, for you, we can help your organization, your employees, teams and leadership on the same page to effectively grow and prosper. But the root of conflict and misunderstanding is not always visible on the surface. Our Spiral Dynamics® tools, insights and processes, such as The Body Count Solution and the Collaboration Maximizer, can help unmask underlying causes so that you can align efforts, reduce stress, and get the best-fit solution. You will benefit from support at every step, from analysis through implementation with your custom-fit Spiral Dynamics® Organizational Collaboration Game Plan developed just for your organization’s unique conditions and makeup. Complete the following to book a one-on-one, 30-minute, needs clarification call:

A Collaboration Success Story

A hospital’s administration and one of its key departments were at an impasse over policy. With Spiral Dynamics help, the hospital was able to map out and address the cultural gap that had created conflict. Team collaboration improved, and organizational stress levels dropped significantly.

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