The Values Profile II (VPII)

Spiral Dynamics Assessment of Gravesian Valuing Systems

VPII Profile (raw)

Formerly called The Values Test, the updated Spiral Dynamics Values Profile II (VPII) is easily administered online. The VPII is available for a one-year trial period to NVC Consulting-trained SD Level 1 practitioners, and on a permanent basis to SD Level 2 practitioners and above. Consisting of 10 statement clusters designed to evaluate worldviews and valuing system preferences, this popular Spiral Dynamics tool is used around the world and available in many languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, and Italian versions via NVC Consulting’s proprietary Spiral Dynamics Spiral Survey System.

DESCRIPTION: The SD VPII enhances self-understanding in business, educational, and personal development settings. It is often used in bringing out the unseen dynamics in individuals, teams, between leaders and their departments, interdepartmentally, and within organizations. It is a favorite tool for some consultants, trainers, and coaches, and can be applied in strategy and marketing, as well. VPII results appear in a profile of 14 scales – seven “acceptance” and seven “rejection” components which represent individual reactions to seven worldviews and Value Systems. Participants allocate points among completions, meaning some simple arithmetic is involved. Cumulative data cuts can indicate group, team, and organization-wide cultural preferences. These Coping Systems are filters through which people think and conceptualize the world: their preferences for work environments, reward systems, personal priorities, perceived strengths and weakness.

VPII Profile (comparative)

The seven worldviews measured in VPII are based in Clare W. Graves’s Levels of Existence research and consist of the following dimensions: Tribalistic, Egocentric, Absolutistic, Multiplistic, Interpersonalistic, Systemic, and Holistic. These dimensions translate into a variety of preferences impacting behavior in terms of group cohesion, conflict and collaboration, management approaches, organizational culture, leadership style, reward and leadership preferences, motivation (and de-motivation) strategies, preferred forms of communication, etc.

Examples of Spiral Dynamics Values Profile II uses:

  • As a career development tool to understand motivational preferences, fit within the organization, and leadership style;
  • As a design tool to understand a group and their culture to customize work to their needs and preferences;
  • As a training tool to convey the Spiral model taught in Spiral Dynamics Level 1 & 2 training for specific applications;
  • As a coaching aid for executive coaches to align to client needs/outcomes;
  • As a team-building tool to identify interpersonal conflict & confluence;
  • As a basis for personal development, insight and understanding of others;
  • To understand how differences in worldviews impact cultures in collision;
  • Enhancing recognition of deeper needs and motives, and more …

Time Required for Completion: 45-60 minutes. Internet connection needed. Set browser to accept cookies.

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