Spiral Dynamics® Online Personal Development Track

Because many coaches will want to offer the Spiral Dynamics Personal Development content to clients, and be certified to do so, we urge coaches and consultants to complete the one-year Online Personal Development Track, preferably as their own first-year introduction to Spiral Dynamics before going on to the Organizational Development Track, ISDO Practicum and Certification.

The complete Personal Development Track includes:

YOUR JOURNEYProfessionalPremium
Onsite Training
Tools & Assessments
Mastermind: 3-Month Online Support
3-Month Online Bonus Training
Mastermind: Monthly Coaching Support Package
1-Year Onsite Quarterly Training
Mastermind: 1 Year Unlimited Online
1-Year Coaching & Support Package

The Transformational Power of Beliefs

Thinking about how you think lies at the heart of this program. To transform your life means attaining an in-depth view and understanding of your beliefs, how they work and how to work with/through them. Therefore, you will incorporate different theoretical constructs that frame beliefs to enable you to hold them at a distance. You will do this through the seven phases in this course. Each phase is covered in a separate online lesson so you can work through the onion layers of your beliefs at your pace over the 12 weeks of the course.

Lessons cover the following general areas:

  • Examining 14 Significant Areas of Your Life
  • Eliciting and Surfacing Your Critical Shaping Beliefs
  • Inventorying Your Beliefs
  • The Emotional Intelligence of Beliefs
  • A Tool for Developing Your Beliefs Emotional Intelligence (BEI)
  • The Characteristics of Beliefs and Disbeliefs
  • Building a Model of Your Belief/Disbelief System(s)
  • The Players in Your Belief/Disbelief Cloud
  • Relating to Your Beliefs/Disbeliefs

The Values-Based Organization

  • What are “Values”
  • What Is Values-Based Leadership
  • Values Versus Valuing Systems
  • End Values and Means Values
  • Differentiating Between Values and Beliefs
  • Creating a True Values-Based Organization

MySpiral Personal Development Track

Everyone sets off on a journey of self-discovery at some point in their life — maybe several. Whether it is a coming-of-age year abroad to “find oneself,” reassessment after a life derailment, a new direction after learning, or a career adjustment, we periodically need to turn inwards and re-assess who we are. Sometimes you can do it on your own. Other times, personal development programs help (or hinder), depending on their alignment with you, your world, your goals and trajectory.

Clarifying where you are and why, and then how to craft a way forward that best serves you in your context, can take randomness out of your journey and help you map your way.

With Spiral Dynamics programs, you’ll gain greater awareness of:

  • Your Worldview, Valuing Systems, and Natural Drivers;
  • Your Ways and Means of Conceptualizing the Things That Matter to You;
  • Your Range of Existential Problems and Means of Coping in Your Present State;
  • The Social, Cultural Forces and Dynamics of the System(s) Exerting Pressure on You;
  • The Patterns and Natural Flows of Change with a Trajectory for Movement into Better Alignment;
  • The Conditions Imperative for Making a Successful Transition, If and When That Is Appropriate;
  • How to Take Charge of Your Personal Development Trajectory and Know How to Get to What You Need;
  • The Drivers and Motivational Flows of Other People with Whom You Interact, Relate, and Live.

The Memes That Make Us

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Taking on Thema and Schema

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Spiral Dynamics Organizational Development Track

You will gain a grounding in Dr. Clare W. Graves’s powerful theory and its application to organizational change and development, with onsite and online support. Each of the four quarterly, onsite courses combines with an online Mastermind support option to support you with a knowledgeable team while you implement what you’ve learned with guidance and support, to interact with others who use their learnings practically, and to explore its applicability to individuals and organizations.

Professional and Premium training packages are available: 

Professional: Take advantage of the blended learning opportunity in this online-supported, four-course option, including the Navigating Change, Human Systems, Transitions and Applications courses. Each Spiral Dynamics course has a 12-week implementation phase to help you integrate what you learned and apply it into your work.

Premium: Your most powerful option to implement what you learn and benefit from skilled support. Includes all 4 Spiral Dynamics courses plus online support and personal coaching integration plan.