Because they require a knowledgeable administrator to avoid misuse and misinterpretation, we only make these particular assessments available to people who have successfully completed our Spiral Dynamics Training Track and met the certification requirements.

Measuring the human systems that Graves called “Levels of Existence” is notoriously difficult. Most attempts get at values, opinions, attitudes, what people like to think about, or how they want to be perceived, not how they actually process. To report numbers and project motives into a color code is easy, sometimes satisfying. But knowledgeably interpreting what those scores might mean is a different story. Effective interpretation requires a good grounding in the theory, as well as a clear understanding of what data from instruments like these can and cannot reveal.

We further advise administrators to know and abide by the legal requirements of their home countries, as well as to general ethical principles for assessment. We will collaborate and support legitimate academic studies by trained users with certain restrictions.

These tools are copyrighted by National Values Center Consulting and all rights are reserved – authorization for use is available from NVC Consulting. These indicators can be useful in many areas: consultants (OD, strategy, change management, leadership, team-building, etc.), coaches, facilitators, trainers, communications designers, and educators all apply them in various ways. Because the theory is about human nature in operation, the assessments can be useful in almost any domain where people factors matter.

The Values Profile II (VPII)

The SD VPII enhances self-understanding in business, educational, and personal development settings. It is often used in bringing out the unseen dynamics in individuals, teams, between leaders and their departments, interdepartmentally, and within organizations.

Change State Indicator

The Change State Indicator (CSI) is a versatile tool with a total of ten scales. These findings translate into a variety of workplace behaviors and preferences impacting group cohesion, management, culture, ability to innovate and learn, forms of communication, training and support needs, leadership preferences, strategy implementation, etc.

The Spiral Dynamics Discover

The Discover instrument is suited for use with individuals, work groups, teams and larger organizational/culture studies. It consists of 12 scales – six “most like me” and six “least like me” dimensions. The format requires making two choices from clusters of 4 or 6 statements. These indicate individual preferences for six worldviews (Human Systems) patterns in the Spiral model.