Spiral Dynamics® Team Building Game Plan

Without Effective Teams, Organizational Performance Suffers From

  • 74% of employees feeling undervalued and unempowered.
  • Conflicting approaches and priorities that drain the bottom line.
  • Workplace stress.
  • Poor workforce performance.
  • Resistance to organizational changes.
  • Hyper-individualism and “bad apple” behavior.
  • Low levels of organizational trust and engagement.
  • Rising turnover and talent loss.
  • 50% of projects failing or incomplete.
  • Misaligned leadership teams and infighting, even “power vacuums.”
  • Poor fit between problems and team solutions.
  • Lack of innovation and resourcefulness.

Your Organizational Team-Building Game Plan Will Help

  • Develop more team resilience to organizational change.
  • Identify and address risk factors undermining collaboration.
  • Lead to effective implementations that can increase revenue growth by 2.5X
  • Improve communication and collaboration through better understanding of differing cultures, views and approaches.
  • Improve team motivation, resourcefulness and flexibility.
  • Develop effective strategies to handle competing interests and align teams and leadership.
  • Reduce absenteeism by 27%
  • Eliminate your problem children’s “bad apple” behavior.
  • Reduce workplace stress.
  • Improve retention by 87% and boost engagement.
  • Increase project success rates.

A Unique Process Designed for Your Needs

Organizations rely on collaborative, change-resilient teams to grow and prosper. But the root of team dysfunction is not always visible on the surface. Our unique insights and processes help unmask underlying issues so you can develop a tailored team-building game plan to align efforts, reduce stress, and get best-fit team solutions for your unique needs. You will benefit from continuing onsite and online support, from analysis through implementation. Contact us today for a 30-minute needs clarification consultation:

A Strategic Planning Success Story

When the U.S. Army wanted to build a culture of trust and reduce stress among its team members, it turned to NVC Consulting   The army administered over 5,000 Spiral Dynamics®  Assessments and used results for team building and stress reduction. Read details of the case study.

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