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Online Spiral Dynamics Personal Development Track

Those who want to improve their personal and career success by further exploration through Spiral Dynamics programs and insights–for self-discovery, a greater understanding of differing beliefs and values, and creation of a personal development plan—have a convenient online option. You can take one or all five of the following Spiral Dynamics Personal Development Online Courses:

  • The Transformational Power of Beliefs
  • The Values-Based Life
  • MySpiral Personal Development Track
  • The Memes That Make Us
  • Taking on Thema and Schema

There are four ways to take each of the courses listed. Choose from a “do-it-yourself” or a supported option. The supported option gives you access to a support team dedicated to your success. Select one or all five classes:

  1. Independently—Do-It-Yourself Over 8-12 Weeks
  2. With Coach Support (recommended option)
  3. DIY Over 12 Months
  4. Premium Option of 12 Months Unlimited Support and Coaching

Learn More About Online Personal Development (Link to Course Descriptions)

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