Our Success Stories


A start-up wasn’t getting anticipated results from venture capital funding. The Spiral Dynamics program helped identify and address problems with the marketing plan, while Spiral Dynamics assessments brought leadership negatives and product offer inconsistencies to the fore to develop workable solutions, improving ROI.

A high-profile Silicon Valley technology company was looking for a new approach to customer education and market development. Using Spiral Dynamics tools to bring forth new insights into its problems, it built a program for public and private educators to inspire them to infuse digital literacy, technology and digital devices into the curriculum—developing new tech users and brand enthusiasts.

Financial Services

A credit union wanted to increase new accounts by 10%, but its bonus package motivation wasn’t delivering. Using Spiral Dynamics tools, the credit union gained an understanding of staff motivational preferences and through Spiral Dynamics services it redesigned incentives, resulting in a 63% jump in new accounts.

Public Sector

An inner city school was ranked in the bottom 10% of schools in the nation. The school leadership and staff took Spiral Dynamics training and applied insights to change school structure, teaching approach and relations with parents and community. The school went on to win awards as the most improved in the country and ranked in the top 10% of schools nationally after only a couple of years.

A police chief faced a spike in citizen complaints amid racial tensions, as well as a police department plagued by communications silos and low morale. Spiral Dynamics assessments and 2-day insight sessions for all officers resulted in morale and communications improvements within the department and a significant drop in citizen complaints.


An energy services firm was suffering growing pains, with conflicts between the old guard from its past as a family-owned company and the culture of new employees. Spiral Dynamics assessment and training helped the company develop and roll out a new program to address culture, leadership, communications and teamwork, paving the way for the company’s new role as a global player.

An oil corporation was having difficulties getting the sustainability team, focused on meeting environmental, social and financial demands, to see eye to eye with the production team, which viewed sustainability as a necessary evil to be sidelined in favor of maximizing output. A Spiral Dynamics workshop helped the departments better understand each other to resolve the costly impasse.


A product manufacturer, initially one of four in a market niche, used the Spiral Dynamics tools to analyze its culture and strengths, and the Spiral Dynamics program to improve senior management coherence and team leadership. Insight applications led to restructuring, competitor acquisition and growth to three times the company’s original size, making it the dominant player in its market niche today.

A major auto maker planned to launch a new line with new technology and turned to Spiral Dynamics to better understand the target customer and craft the most effective marketing messages. The new line became the most successful in its class, serving a new, previously unidentified customer base.

The CEO of a large European bathroom fixtures company was having problems with cultural and competitive clashes among the company’s 15 leaders, representing different products/divisions spread out over different countries. A Spiral Dynamics leadership and team building program helped develop group understanding and communication about different leadership approaches, easing tensions and improving collaboration and teamwork.

A European auto maker wanted to improve its ongoing operational development efforts, including initiation of lean manufacturing, and turned to Spiral Dynamics tools, training, and services for a more holistic approach to bring human systems and mindsets in sync with operational changes—with results that won managers’ praise.

A mid-sized, privately held company was struggling with a changing environment and used Spiral Dynamics services to gain insights and approaches to find a new direction, starting at the board level and moving down through the organization. “People messes” were identified and cleaned up, culminating in ownership restructuring to an employee stock ownership plan–and the organization reached the highest profitability in its history.


Professional Development

“My simple, but ambitious, objective for my company is to make it the best possible place to work for everyone that works there…your training has hugely helped me in that endeavor…you’ve helped me gain insights into myself and into every other individual in the company.”—CEO of a logistics consultancy

“Once again I will like to thank you for the wonderful Spiral Dynamics training this past week in Quito, Ecuador in 2013. It spoke to me deeply as a person who wants to understand and contribute to the betterment of our regional and global society. My sense having spoken to the other participants of the session was the same eye opening experience of how their internal world works in relationship to the thinking value systems so beautifully portrayed in the workshop. I hope to continue learning about Spiral Dynamics for a long time.”—Fernando Zarate, Music Foundation (Cakike)

Organizational Development

“I am grateful to have participated in several trainings of NVC Consulting on Spiral Dynamics. In the Netherlands, I have been twice to a training given by Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic. They are a great team, and (focusing now specifically on Natasha) Natasha was able to explain Spiral Dynamics—IMHO a subject that is more difficult than most people who learn of it realize—through clear explanations with deep-reaching examples and great metaphors. And she is also a very nice person who generously took the time to walk through participants’ individual cases.”—René Post, Natural Language Interaction, Business Requirements, Software Development

“Natasha has simply changed my life. The way I receive, understand and exchange with other people has permanently changed. The Spiral Dynamics training and its many day-to- day, personal and business consequences are awesome. The qualities of the training and how it accompanies you, step-by-step, on the road to understanding, the multi-media use, the quality of the business cases treated… are definitely the best I ever seen.”—Jean-Pierre Dandrieux, Partner at Theano Advisors

Coaching Development

“Natasha is a good trainer; she has very good insight in Spiral Dynamics and is able to help you get a grip on the subject. Her experience makes it possible to show examples to illustrate the several elements of SD. I have and will recommend her to co-workers and organizations to hire/involve Natasha in projects.”—Ary Polderman, Coordinator International relations at Landelijke Eenheid (Netherlands Police Agency)

“A couple of years ago I came in contact with SD and immediately felt the desire to get more of this on my plate. During (and after) the course given by Natasha and Chris, I started to realize that it is by far the most complete theory about human and social development I ever came across … and, very important, it claims to be incomplete! … ‘a never ending quest’ 😉 In fact, the SD-theory and the way I was exposed to it during Natasha’s and Chris’ course extended my view of the world … Without claiming I understand everything that is going on in the/my world, it clearly gave me insight in why people and the world are in their current state. In fact, it created a ‘mental’ frame that helped me to understand the progress of human and social evolution. It also made me understand where the current world gradually is moving into … slowly, very slowly indeed. Since that course, step-by- step, I’m still digesting its content, getting further in depth understanding … detecting its practical use … and still eager to grasp more about it…”—Bruno Smets, Organization Engineer–Organization Advisor

“Natasha’s commitment in sharing her in-depth knowledge, expertise and understanding of the Gravesian theory is unwavering. The international Spiral Dynamics Training programs presented with her partner Chris Cowan as well as the recently launched ISDO, Web 2.0 social learning environment are unique and singular in providing answers to the quest in understanding human nature against the backdrop of a fast-changing and complex world. This innovative virtual platform further streamlines her vision to create a global community of scholars, learners and Teaching Assistants grounded in the theoretical knowledge of Clare W. Graves work. The result is a learning experience for participants that not only provides insight to the scope and depth of applications of the Gravesian theory in the world of work, but enables a process of personal growth, awareness and development. Natasha blends her capabilities as trainer, coach, facilitator, leader, mentor and, not least of all, developer of course material seamlessly, providing participants with a rewarding journey of discovery and empowerment to become more effective in their chosen profession.”—Nina Bach, Owner at True North Mindscaping

“Chris’ and Natasha’s Spiral Dynamics Level 1 & 2 program is a fascinating, immersive experience. Their in depth knowledge of the material is coupled with a delivery style that is both insightful and humorous, keeping everyone engaged throughout. I particularly appreciated the practical, down-to- earth perspective and focus on tangible ways of applying the insights into what drives human behavior. I’d highly recommend their program as the definitive perspective on Gravesian theory, and I imagine the man himself would be quietly delighted by the legacy they have created!”—Claire O’Toole, Learning Experience Engineer | Organizational Development Consultant