Change Resilience

In a World Where 70% of Change Initiatives Fail, and Change is Needed, We’re in Your Corner.

If you are talking “Change Management” and facing unrelenting and chaotic change, know that there is an easier way to reach your goals. Smart leaders understand that being “change ready” is no longer enough and attempting to “manage change” is a recipe for disaster. Building change resilience and the ability to build a map a path through chaos and ambiguity amplifies your odds for success.

Do you know:

  • How change ready your team is?
  • Where the obstacles for change will come from?
  • Who is ready to leap into implementation?
  • Who will sabotage team efforts?
  • How resilient are your leaders?
  • Where will they crack when the rubber meets the road?
  • Can your leaders build a change playbook for their teams to navigate change successfully?

For over 20 years, across 5 continents, organizations and their leaders hire us to assess their teams’ and leaders’ change capacities, build change playbooks, and implement change because the majority of change efforts fail, fatigue staff, and waste time, money, energy and resources. Therefore, we analyse, track, and enable leaders, teams, and organizations to move the needle on the people strategy and implementation of change. Bottom line, you don’t have the runway to risk that your change efforts won’t fly.

Whether you are at the beginning of a critical change initiative, in the middle and worried the pieces won’t come together, or at the end having gone over budget, missed deadlines, and have a team exhausted with the effort, we can help.

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