Top 5 Reasons Clients Choose Us

1 Rooted in a Comprehensive, Tested Scientific Model

NVC Consulting’s trademarked Spiral Dynamics programs and materials include content, models, research, theory, practical solutions, and new insights derived from a comprehensive, scientifically tested psycho-social approach to human systems and change. Don’t worry. While it sounds like a mouthful, we are committed to making it work for you. This sets us apart from consultancies relying on unproven patchworks of theories and narrow-fit models. Our approach is based on the work of Dr. Clare W. Graves, and NVC Consulting’s expertise in Graves’ theory is unmatched. NVC Consulting co-founder Chris Cowan worked with Dr. Graves for the last decade of his life–assisting him with trainings, creating materials, developing tools that measure what typically is invisible, applying the work to practical problems, and helping to refine theoretical underpinnings. NVC Consulting was entrusted with Graves’ original materials,and we maintain the website to preserve Graves’ legacy. Meanwhile, we continue to build upon its foundation with our own research, field testing, and practical applications to real-world problems.

2 Decades of Experience & Client Success

Our trademarked Spiral Dynamics programs, tools, and services are NVC Consulting’s core business, what we do full time, and not add-ons to a training suite or consulting gig.Our expertise is rooted in decades of practice, application, understanding and research. NVC Consulting co-founders, the late Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic, together have devoted 50+ years to Spiral Dynamics programs, assessment, and problem-solving. NVC Consulting has a long list of client success stories, including leading organizations in the public and private sectors, across 5 continents in multiple countries and cultures.

3 Often Imitated, Never Surpassed

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery” goes the old saying. We have many imitators, and unfortunately some use our Spiral Dynamics content, refer to it, adapt it, even repackage it and present it as their own without permission to do so. Only NVC Consulting and its partners offer the high quality that comes from long experience and a depth of understanding that imitation cannot capture. We accurately present the original Graves theory and are the source of new content creation based on a sound understanding of the principles and research behind this approach.

4 A Practical, Supported Learning Approach

It’s often assumed that learning programs need to “dumb down” material to pander to the lowest common denominator. Another tactic is to dress up material to make it appear obscure or mystical. We do neither. Our training programs are not dumbed down; we treat participants like the adult learners they are – intelligent, curious, and responsible for their results. But we don’t unnecessarily mystify either. We have built a program that sequences learning into manageable chunks, challenging while avoiding oversimplification, and spaced for the way human brains naturally learn. Furthermore, the blended learning approach combines double- and triple-loop learning, offering clients a structure and system for practicing what they learn, with a supportive, Spiral Dynamics-trained advanced team, online and onsite, dedicated to their success.

To make the most of your learning opportunity, select the supported Premium or Professional options which come with expert guidance, and access to the Mastermind Group. This online community will be available to you as you work through new video tutorials, complete your application projects, engage in give-and-take feedback and occasional chat/Skype sessions, and receive monthly 1-on-1 support. The blended learning format allows for asynchronous learning – crucial given the global group, the many layers, and complexity of material involved. The online content is designed to support the onsite material and gives you more control to pace your own application and to schedule your contributions. The guided support gives you a chance to apply the tools and materials in your ‘real world’ local settings with knowledgeable feedback from peers, teaching assistants, coaches, and facilitators.

5 A Partner in Measurable, Bottom Line Results

NVC Consulting partners with individuals and organizations facing the tough “people problems” of development and change to help them attain practical applications and measurable, bottom line results. Our successful practical applications come from understanding the research base, the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, and knowing what each model does and doesn’t do in the field. We don’t overplay it; our Spiral Dynamics program represents this psycho-social, developmental approach accurately so clients know when, where, and how to use it – and when not to use it. Rather than a one-size-fits-all answer, NVC Consulting works with clients to find solutions that fit the problems they were designed to address. We help clients to really understand each problem being tackled, to see it through a new lens, so that appropriate and more effective approaches can emerge. Our practical, supported journey keeps clients in good hands while we work together for optimal results grounded in measurable data and attainable, rather than fantasized, reality.

Join us in exploring the exciting Spiral Dynamics programs and tools for a new approach to organizational and professional development.