Spiral Dynamics® Custom Strategic Planning Game Plan

Don’t Let Human Hurdles Trip Up Your Strategic Planning

  • Competing interests create competing priorities within the strategic plan.
  • Lack of key stakeholder input creates gaps in goals, resources, and buy-in.
  • Resistant organizational culture undermines implementation.
  • Leadership misalignment leads to miscommunication and infighting.
  • Workforce does not receive information and training needed to support strategy.
  • Failure to identify and address organization’s human systems hurdles.
  • Poor fit between strategic direction and organizational resources and opportunities.
  • No process for developing leadership and team engagement and change resilience.
  • Rise in the “body count” as workforce turnover and stress escalate.
  • Mismatch between leadership and team strategic responsibilities and capabilities.

Your Strategic Planning Game Plan Will

  • Reveal differences in views and values to address stakeholder priorities.
  • Innovatively solve competing interests.
  • Align teams and leadership in planning and implementation.
  • Identify and resolve areas of cultural resistance and conflict.
  • Create processes for workforce communication and engagement.
  • Improve plan fit with organizational resources, strengths and opportunities.
  • Match the right people with the right strategic tasks and responsibilities.
  • Reduce organizational fear, conflict, resistance and their human “body count.”

A Unique Process Designed for Your Needs

A successful strategic planning game plan requires understanding, input and buy-in from key stakeholders. Without a process that includes overcoming human hurdles, strategic planning will stumble and even fail.  Our insights and processes can help unmask underlying issues so that you can align leadership and team efforts, reduce stress, get the best-fit strategy, and insure effective implementation. And we provide onsite and online support at every step, from analysis through implementation. To discuss your unique situation, please fill in a registration form to book a 30 minute needs clarification consultation:

A Strategic Planning Success Story

A venture capitalist needed to improve the bottom-line performance of a technology start-up with a new strategic plan. Starting with a profile of the leadership team and including mapping of customer resistance to the marketing message, the Spiral Dynamics process was able to identify strategic gaps and develop a plan to reposition the product and improve interdepartmental functioning.

For more examples, go to Our Success Stories & Testimonials.

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