Words of condolences and remembrance in Chris’s memory from Ukraine

I extend my deep, sincere condolences to Natasha and all Chris’s near ones. Also, that Chris is gone is a tremendous and very sad loss for us all who knew Chris personally and studied under his invaluable expert guidance and generous support. When I first got interested in Graves’s theory and SD, I chose to study it under Chris and Natasha because it seemed to me (after some research and asking around) that Chris and Natasha are as close to the original source as no one else. For me, Chris was the direct link to the prime source of the knowledge we are seeking and I appreciate so much I had the unique, marvelous opportunity to tap into this prime source through Chris’s medium. I enjoyed the way Chris spoke about this work in the SD class — his thorough understanding, gentle, subtle humor, joyful emotionality, his openness — he would often lean slightly forward with his both hands extended forward and palms opened up facing the audience while getting across his point of view during discussions. Great man. You will always be missed and remembered.

Serhiy Kononenko, July 31, 2015

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