Thirteen years of pleasant cooperation

I shall remember Chris as an open, friendly and interesting personality who taught us the roots of Graves theory: ‘the Emergent, Cyclical, Double-Helix Model of adult behaviour systems and their development’. Since 2002 we organized with him and Natasha in The Hague each year these SD courses. It was always pleasant to hear all the stories he could tell us with humour. Stories on both individual as societal level. He showed these complex models in such a way that I understand human nature better through their Spiral Dynamics Trainings. I shall miss him as excellent trainer because of his wisdom, relativism and diplomacy. Graves made a good choice to ask Chris to share the Gravesian point of view after his death in 1986. Besides his many explications and interpretations, framed with fairly well chosen music and movies, The Never Ending Quest will be a monument in the development of this approach in the future. Thanks Chris!

Paul Jansen Schoonhoven, August 4, 2015

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