The Beginning of My Own Quest

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to attend the Spiral Dynamics training in the U.K. with Chris and Natasha. For a whole variety of reasons that experience was the catalyst to the next stage of my own personal, professional and social quest.

Reflecting back on the past ten years the positive and significant transformation of my own circumstances both professionally and personally can be attributed to those two weeks in a hotel just outside Reading in the U.K.

I am now in a more fulfilling place practically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually and I owe this shift, in large part, to the wisdom, support and practical assistance of Chris and Natasha. Sadly, I was drafting an email to Chris and Natasha to share the outcomes of these past ten years when I heard the very sad news about Chris. I will send the email but not yet.

Chris helped me deepen my understanding of how things work. He did this with a wonderful and rare balance of rationality and intuition.

Thanks for helping me get back onto the path Chris. You will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

With love and sincere gratitude

Roy July 31, 2015

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