Santa Barbara Memories

Finally. . .I’ve been attempting to write this ever since Natasha sent out the announcement. Every time I went to do so though, it was as if my fingers forgot how to type or even hold a pencil. I’ve known from the beginning however, exactly what I wanted to share. Two memories of Chris came to mind the second I read the email about the memorial wall.

Several years ago, I was in Santa Barbara going through a SD 1 & 2 refresher. I had arrived the day before and just finished unpacking. I walked downstairs and on my way out the door I saw Chris setting up for the start of the course the next day. After some chitchat and catching up I told him I was on my way out to dinner and asked if he would recommend something. When he asked what I was in the mood for, I told him I was in the mood for “cow”. And if you know Chris, he just got that signature goofy grin on his face and kept repeating the word “cow” in all different tones of voice, as if the sheer sound was providing endless amusement. I can still hear and see it to this day.

The second memory was at the end of that same seminar. I was going home the next day (everyone else had already left) and Chris and Natasha were joining me for dinner. Natasha had promised me there was this little place that served the best fried tilapia that side of the Pacific Ocean. So we walked over and the place was closed. From the look on Natasha’s face you’d have thought a bus ran over her kitten. She gave this little plaintive “But I wanted tilapia” sound. Chris was just looking at her with the most loving look you’d ever seen. And while whines about the lack of fried fish went on for several minutes, even as he was chuckling, Chris’ look never changed. Whether it was an unconscious game they were playing or not it was obvious to anyone within 100 meters exactly how much Chris loved her.

Needless to say I know what I’m having for dinner tonight. Chris I can only wish you godspeed. And Natasha, thank you for sharing him with us.

John S.
Scottsdale AZ September 25, 2015

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