Sad that he is gone, lucky he was there

I remember Chris as a very kind and humorous person. Just when we started the seminar, he ironically – and self-ironically – pointed out some important things we should keep in mind. He always stayed calm and kind and seemed to be someone who maintained a childish attitude in both, playfulness and his view as a researcher. It was always fun to listen to him and he was always patient when I asked something or stated something that was important to me (and I did ask and tell a lot!).
Just minutes before I read the email about his death, I thought about taking the seminar once again, and this intend was mainly linked with his whole appearance. He really brought this theory to life and differentiated a lot different appearances that might others have been put into the same bottle. It has made me really sad to hear about his death, so the more I am happy that I had the chance to meet and learn from him.

Vincent Ulbrich, July 30, 2015

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