One good man with one good woman.

At last i have the courage to say good bye.

I woke to hear my phone buzzing on the side table and reaching across i looked at the screen and smiled as i saw it was from you Natasha. Then I read the opening line and then the content. My heart sank. I would not be able to sit in front of Chris again. I could not imagine what you might be feeling Natasha.

I was floored, i had missed my chance the last time he was here in Australia to speak with him.

What a man. Clearly describing all that is and isn’t ECLET, suddenly morphing trance-like as he channeled one of his many personas to ‘live’ in one of the characters from any ‘level’. Corners of the mouth curl up and eyes widen a little and start to roll as his voice took on a drawl or some other affect.

He could make me laugh and make me uncomfortable when he and you Natasha would deliberately meddle with the seating arrangements to ‘provoke’ and of course promote discussions and discourse amongst each group and between groups. mischevious lad that he was.

The rigour and clarity that he brought to just what is and isn’t pertinent to Graves’ ECLET, made a framework in my mind around and inside which i have been able to develop an understanding that is useful to me in my thinking and useful to others in its simplicity and clarity. Banished are any thoughts of rainbow people with perfect futures to aspire to, from their vantage point of elite authority.

Chris made it clear that as Graves said, people have a right to be where ever they are (a more or less accurate quote).

Cheers mate and thanks for all you have done to leave our world in a better place.


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