New perspectives, new identites

Carlotta and I had the absolute pleasure of learning from Chris at the SD workshop in Royal Wootton Basset.

For a guy who has a plethora of knowledge around Spiral Dynamics and anthropological theories he really doesn’t take himself seriously at all considering it. Chris was such a joy to learn from with his quirky humour and great story telling ability he put us all at ease right away. Chris has the uncanny ability to convey such a complex subject as SD in a profoundly comprehensive and enjoyable manner. We had such a great time at SD and Chris was certainly a huge reason for that.

We were devastated to wake up this morning and read this email and our hearts go out to you Natasha and Chris’ family at this unimaginably tough time.

One things for sure though, the wonderful knowledge and introspective that Chris has provided to the world will live on in all the minds of people who have been shaped by SD and to the others who are to learn SD in the future. He’s shaped our perspectives on life and has given us a new string to our bow forming a more wholesome identity within us.

The world has lost a great man but his legacy certainly lives on.

Carlotta and Oliver, August 1, 2015

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