Gratitude for Chris

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Chris (though sadly, only once), at the SD training in Melbourne in August 2013, I quickly felt I ‘knew’ him, better than one usually does after spending only a few days with someone. He struck me as a gentle, patient and humorous teacher, and a warm, generous person. I enjoyed learning from him (and you, Natasha)! It was clear that you both delighted in seeing other people ‘get it’ and watching their understanding develop.

Coincidentally I had Spiral Dynamics at the front of mind the night before I learned of Chris’s passing, while I was doing some writing – though it is always ‘there’ now as a way of seeing the world, and so many people have Chris to thank for that, for faithfully carrying Graves’s legacy.

I wish Natasha every strength and comfort during this awful time.

Sharon Ede, July 31, 2015

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