Evidence based rigour alongside a gentle human discernment

I studied under Chris Cowan in October 2014 when I took the SD 1 & 2 here in the UK.

Chris brought those workshops to life with his very many diverse and vivid video clips of the different mind capacities and life conditions. He engaged us with a measured sense of what he had evidence for and what he saw as theoretical surmise. Chris conveyed an impression of relentless rigour in his work to clarify and describe as fully as possible what he had learned throughout his life working with the Spiral. Chris was a gifted and patient teacher, willing and able shrewdly to grasp where each of his students was coming from, and responding to them in ways that were useful to each one.

Chris leaves an impressive and important archive of client engagements and valuable discernments about the life conditions of C, D, E and F, and the P, Q and R mind capacities. Of particular value is the detailed understanding and examples he leaves us of the C-P/D-Q and D-Q/E-R transitions.

It was my privilege to have had that time learning from a master of his own field, when he was at the peak of his knowledge.

Eoin McCarthy, July 30, 2015

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