Deep Appreciation

I remember reading the Spiral Dynamics book in the early 2000s and feeling so delighted that there was actually a theory that so eloquently and elegantly captured a developmental perspective of human growth. Years later, when I was able to actually attend the Spiral Dynamics training in Santa Barbara with Chris and Natasha, I felt so lucky and honored to be learning from these two amazing people. I loved Chris’ wit and conceptual mind and so appreciated how he was able to share his wisdom and perspective with such generosity and kindness. He clearly loved this material and his enthusiasm and clarity significantly inspired me to continue learning more about Graves’ Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory and further deepening into understanding how my own mental capacities and life experiences continually shape and inform my values and belief systems. I love this material and appreciate Chris so much for sharing his life’s work with me and the world. I am grateful to have been able to study with him and will miss having his shining star here with us. May his work continue to inspire others. I also send my deep gratitude to you Natasha for all you have done and continue to do to carry this work forward as well as my heart-felt condolences in now doing it without the direct companionship and support of your best friend.

Ryan Kennedy, July 30, 2015

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