Six areas for applying Spiral Dynamics

Organizational realignment and restructuring

The success or failure of any organization depends on its ability to meet the challenges of growth and change. NVCC helps organizations assess who they are and whom they serve, who their major competitors are, and the opportunities and threats that are on the horizon with unique values-based measures. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to create a structure that will enable your organization to achieve its present and future mission requirements.

Cultural transformation

Cultural transformation within an organization begins with a diagnosis that identifies areas of stress, potential, strengths, conflicts, and their underlying causes. Development of a strategy to address problems follows, along with adoption of an action plan that legitimizes change and empowers senior executives with a sense of shared commitment and responsibility. The NVCC process invigorates and empowers the entire organization and unleashes creativity and ownership. The result is a process where aligned values and awareness of human nature support wise decisions and make it easier to implement needed change.

Change management

Companies and organizations can meet the challenges of accelerated change with a carefully developed strategy that’s tailored to specific needs and implemented in a systematic approach. Understanding of those conditions for change and the predictable process of change includes attention to common patterns. NVCC will help you to prepare your management system to deal effectively with change and transformation through our SPIRAL DYNAMICS® assessment process and programs.

Executive development and management training

NVCC’s approach to SPIRAL DYNAMICS® programs has a powerful impact on management development and skills training, particularly for individuals who are ready to take their skills to the next level. The training is exceptionally powerful because it involves solving real-world problems using techniques not taught in any business school. This approach will help your organization identify, prepare and coach talent.

Team building

Because most problems aren’t easily solved by individuals, organizations assemble teams with the power, knowledge and authority to make decisions and implement change. NVCC’s SPIRAL DYNAMICS® tools and insights enables organizations to build and more effective teams by understanding individual members’ values in relationship to the values of the organization, its customers and industry values. Our approaches also help build teams where the members’ thinking is complementary and appropriate to the task rather than redundant or out of sync with the complexity of the issues at hand.

Communicating with people with different values and worldviews

Each of the eight worldviews depicted on the Spiral communicates differently, hears things differently and learns differently. NVCC’s SPIRAL DYNAMICS® programs enable people to understand these differences—including core motivators, information-processing styles, learning approaches and preferred management styles. This knowledge enables communication where both parties truly understand each other’s messages—spoken and unspoken.