Training Overview

This program is about human nature, motivation, and change. If you are serious about learning to understand how people think, conceptualize, how they see their world and how they cope with that world, then you’ve come to the right place. The Spiral Dynamics® program is THE definitive source for content enabling you to go beyond the “colors” that you may have learned; dig into a deeper understanding that will enable you to help yourself and others achieve the insights you desire. Remember: "It's only as good as the source!"

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Spiral Dynamics Level 1 Training

SPIRAL DYNAMICS® SDL1 The four-day in-depth immersion seminar training provides participants with a thorough grounding in the Spiral model and Dr. Clare W. Graves’ ECLET model, often called “The Graves” in the NLP world. This course will give you a chance to learn how these models and theory can be applied in real-world settings, to interact with others who have used these materials and approaches practically, and to explore its applicability to organization development and human resource aspects through a systems lens.  Some of the key outcomes from the training are:

You will learn:

  • Going beyond “colors” to practical use
  • Differentiating vMEMES from memes
  • Change and transformation models
  • The E-C theory of Dr. Clare Graves
  • The Double-Helix model
  • Basic (nodal) Levels of Existence
  • P-O-A formula for leadership
  • Six conditions for change
  • Proper and ethical use of assessment instruments

You will receive:

  • Spiral Dynamics® Change Readiness Tool
  • Spiral Dynamics® Value Systems Measures
  • 1 year trial license to the Spiral Dynamics® Proprietary Assessment Suite
  • Spiral Dynamics® Training Manual
  • Spiral Dynamics® Diary
  • Spiral Dynamics® Management Approach
  • Spiral Dynamics® Conceptions Analysis Approach

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SDL 2 Certification Training

Spiral Dynamics Level 2 Training

SPIRAL DYNAMICS® SDL2 is the three-day application + transitions seminar, providing a more extensive look into the theory and applications of the models introduced in SDL1 and how to apply them to real-world situations. The SDL2 training approach is to deepen understanding of these independent and interdependent models by going further into the research base, examining different applications through case studies and creating opportunities for participants to analyze your own cases, problems and organizations by working with 4-5 volunteers in an Action Learning format.

You will learn:

  • 20 Psychological Characteristics:
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Core Systems
  • Transitions: Recognizing, Understanding, Predicting, Facilitating, Managing passages through 21 Entering, Nodal, and Exiting phases
  • Recognition principles for transitional stages
  • P-O-A formula for leadership
  • Congruent strategies for leadership and coaching
  • Proper and ethical use of assessment instruments

You will receive:

  • License to access the Spiral Dynamics® Change State Indicator
  • License to access the Spiral Dynamics® Value Profile II
  • License to use the Spiral Dynamics® Proprietary Assessment Suite
  • Spiral Dynamics® Training Manual
  • License to access the Spiral Dynamics® Discover
  • Spiral Dynamics® Project Pak for interview & analysis

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ISDO Advanced Online Training

Spiral Dynamics Practicum

The SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Practicum: This one-year program is designed to support you through the process of developing your thinking and skills. You will work on recognizing the coping systems in your volunteer subject(s), explain your findings in conversations with them, and work with colleagues on developing reports and effective feedback techniques. This program is designed to help you cement what you’ve learned, practice in a peer driven environment, report on what you did, respond to questions and review what you did with peers for a final submission to your instructors in the International Spiral Dynamics Organizations’ (ISDO) learning management system. The program includes:

The SD Practicum Includes:

  • Online course (16 weeks)
  • One-year ISDO membership
  • Community discussion forum
  • ISDO Action Learning Team process
  • Successful completion results in an invitation to join the advanced SDL3 program
  • Expert coaching & feedback
  • Case studies

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Spiral Dynamics® :  Mastering the Principles

  • learn more about the inner workings, theory, and structures behind our Spiral Dynamics® trainings and tools in an online environment
  • delve further into the thinking at the heart of this systems view;
  • know more about SD but are unable to attend an onsite program;
  • check your understanding and deepen your knowledge base;
  • build knowledge but don’t need access to the Spiral Dynamics® Assessment Suite;
  • continue with your SD learning track and drill down further,
…then this “all levels” 12 week program in SD principles will fit your learning needs.

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CCE_WEBCoaches who successfully complete the full course of  SDL1, SDL2, and Practicum receive Continuing Coach Education credits (CCEs) from the International Coach Federation (ICF):  up to 29 hours Core Competencies and 28.5 hours Resource Development.