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Leaders are not born or made; they are selected by the people who choose to follow them. The leader/follower relationship can be developed by understanding the principles of congruency between leader and follower. The Spiral Dynamics Tools, Assessments, and Program make these invisible links more manageable and transparent.

Individuals interested in Leadership Development have a number of program options:

Spiral Dynamics for Leadership – A Personal, Customized Development Track

Harness the power of the Human Systems and Navigating Change courses of our Organizational Development Series. While you will have gleaned many leadership-related insights, if you want to focus on your specific leadership challenges you can opt for an additional, custom tailored Spiral Dynamics for Leadership, a day-long personal, one-on-one development package built just for you.

Spiral Dynamics for Leadership is designed exclusively for those ready to turbocharge their leadership approach. It offers new skills to:

  • Discover What Makes People “Tick” and Really Understand People’s Needs;
  • Interact Successfully with Others;
  • Develop More Productive Working Relationships;
  • Motivate Employees and Co-workers to Excel;
  • Communicate in Sensitive, Non-threatening Ways;
  • Conduct Analyses That Help Identify Problem Areas, Resolve Conflicts and Promote Improvement;
  • Explore What it Takes to Build Dynamic Teams;
  • Identify, Coach and Groom New Leaders;
  • Manage Conflict As a Constructive Part of Organizational Culture;
  • Employ the Proven Empowerment Techniques of Successful Leaders;
  • Manage Change in a Positive, Productive Way;
  • Coach Individuals to Achieve Their Potential;
  • Prepare for Cultural Challenges and Sensitivities;
  • Develop and Communicate a Vision for the Future That Will Focus Employee Efforts;
  • Effectively Introduce Changes and Get the Support You Need to Implement Them.

You’ll learn dozens of practical tips, techniques and tactics to help you develop and customize your leadership approach to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges. As you learn how to recognize and respond to leadership needs, you’ll be more than a manager–you’ll become a respected and effective leader.

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  1. Onsite Personal Leadership Development Track

Even if your organization is not involved in the Spiral Dynamics Organizational Development series, your organization can opt for an Onsite Leadership Development Track that includes Spiral Dynamics tools tailored to your own leadership development challenges and your organizational culture. This exclusive track includes the following options customized to your needs:

  • Human Systems (3 days onsite + 12 weeks support)
  • Navigating Change (2.5 days + 12 weeks support)
  • My Professional Leadership Change Track, with 1-on-1 Coaching (1-day onsite)

The Human Systems and Navigating Change courses will guide you, with online and onsite support, to an understanding of your own and other people’s differing approaches to work and one another, and their impact on workplace motivation, collaboration and leadership. Spiral Dynamics tools and training will allow you to develop more effective strategies for handling conflict, managerial misalignment and change issues. You can use these powerful insights, with 1-to1 coaching, to plot and implement a change trajectory for your personal leadership growth.

Learn More About Onsite Personal Development (Link to Course Descriptions)

Online Professional Development Track

Those who want to enhance personal and leadership success by further exploration of Spiral Dynamics insights–for self-discovery, a greater understanding of differing beliefs and values, and creation of a personal development plan—have a convenient online option. They can take one or all five of the following Spiral Dynamics Professional Development Online Courses:

  • The Transformational Power of Beliefs
  • The Values-Based Organization
  • MySpiral Personal Development Track
  • The Memes That Make Us
  • Taking on Thema and Schema

There are four ways to take each of the courses listed. Choose from a “do-it-yourself” or supported option. The supported option gives you access to a team dedicated to your success. Select one or all five classes:

  1. Independently—Do-It-Yourself Over 8-12 Weeks
  2. With Coach Support (recommended option)
  3. DIY Over 12 Months
  4. Premium Option of 12 Months Unlimited Support and Coaching

Learn More About Online Professional Development (Link to Course Descriptions)

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