Spiral Dynamics® Leadership Development Game Plan

Is Your Organization’s Leadership Facing Any Of These Tough Challenges?

  • A leadership scramble or power vacuum.
  • “Initiatives” that derail the organization or its strategic direction.
  • A downward spiral in systems effectiveness.
  • Strategic confusion of means and ends, or peripheral and critical issues.
  • Suppression of change or innovation to protect the status quo.
  • Bottom-line bleeding from rising costs, shrinking revenues or both.
  • Misaligned or conflicting priorities among leadership.
  • Employee disengagement and conflict.
  • High turnover and talent losses.
  • Falling workforce productivity.
  • A high percentage of projects that fail or are never completed.
  • Lack of growth or forward momentum in profits, technology or market share.

Your Leadership Development Game Plan Will

  • Go beneath the surface to understand underlying leadership dynamics.
  • Create greater congruence between leaders and their teams.
  • Encourage organizational collaboration at all levels.
  • Build responsive, change-capable leadership.
  • Return strategic focus to issues critical to growth and bottom-line success.
  • Improve trust, engagement and communication between leaders and teams.
  • Boost workforce performance and bottom-line results.
  • Unleash leadership of innovation and positive change.

A Unique Process Designed for Your Needs

Every leader is unique, with people, problems, and processes interacting in complex ways. Understanding and applying the principles that lead to leadership success in your unique organizational setting is the goal of Spiral Dynamics® assessments, tools, and co-created solutions. We can help you better understand where your organization’s leadership is, where it is headed, and then work with you to build an effective, tailored game plan. We support you in effective implementation to build congruent leadership for today and to set the foundation for tomorrow’s challenges. You will benefit from support at every step, from analysis through implementation with the custom-fit Spiral Dynamics® Leadership Game Plan developed just for you and your unique situation.

A Leadership Success Story

After Spiral Dynamics helped an executive team to improve work collaboration and to congruently manage staff to meet strategic goals, a domestic manufacturer tripled in size, going from fourth place in its industry to industry leader.

For more examples, go to Our Success Stories & Testimonials.

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