Nailing Your 2020 Strategic Plans: Your Personal Breakthrough Call

For C-Suite Executives & Business Leaders Who Want to Build Rock Solid Strategy & Execute It Effectively

What we’ll cover in our 60 minutes together:

  • Your step-by-step gameplan to get your rock-solid strategy in place and proactively eliminate the invisible people problems that sink execution.

  • Why the best strategy in the world won’t give you what you need to eliminate your productivity problems.

  • The secret to building your no drama team that fires on all cylinders, is self-managing + how you can uplevel your leadership to gain more time and freedom.

  • The 5 shifts you need to change the game, implement your strategy, and have a team delivering on your vision.

  • The real reason teams don’t fire on all cylinders, why leaders lose confidence, and your managers can’t get the results you are asking for.

  • How our clients realize a 300% increase in leadership effectiveness, bring together warring departments for breakthrough results, reduce team pull-together by 70%, and get 100% of their deliverables on time and under budget.

Meet Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan

For more than 20 years Dr. Natasha Todorovic-Cowan MBA has worked on 5 continents in more than 14 countries with thousands of leaders developing custom solutions at all levels of organizations. She knows how to help you get to the core of why 75-90% of strategic plans fail to launch, why 54% of projects don’t deliver intended outcomes, why 67% of managers can’t get their people to more effective results, and how to overcome the one thing that lies at the core of all of these issues – people.