If you are an experienced coach or consultant interested in partnering to promote and deliver our trademark Spiral Dynamics programs, we offer coursework designed for a definitive understanding, certification to legally present our trademark programs, and access proprietary tools and materials, plus membership qualification in the International Spiral Dynamics Organization (ISDO)

Please note that many of NVC Consulting’s Spiral Dynamics resources are available only to people who have completed our Coaching Development and Certification courses so as to protect the work from abuse, misuse, and exploitation. We will only list people who have completed full certification training in the Partners and Resources section.

Spiral Dynamics Coaching Development & Certification Program

NVC Consulting demands an intensive commitment from potential partners in Spiral Dynamics coaching and consulting. Why? After years researching how well people understand the material and are able to use it, evidence is overwhelming: To grasp and apply material in Spiral Dynamics training takes longer than most people initially realize. It takes hands-on practice, guided learning and feedback to really absorb the Graves/Spiral Dynamics point of view.

Our Coaching Development Program is especially designed for those who plan to use and promote Spiral Dynamics tools and techniques as consultants, trainers, coaches, managers, teachers, and facilitators

Our Coaching Development Program requires completion of:

  • The Spiral Dynamics Online Personal Development Track
  • Professional or Premium version of the Spiral Dynamics Organizational Development Track
  • Spiral Dynamics Practicum
  • Certification (Online Level 3 Coursework is recommended but not required prior to certification.)

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