Spiral Dynamics® Level 2 Training, SDL2

The three-day application + transitions seminar

SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Level 2 Training is a more extensive look into the theoretical base and applications of the models introduced in SDL1 and how to apply them to real-world applications in a variety of areas. Completion of NVCC’s SDL1 is a prerequisite for participating in SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Level 2.*

This is the second step in the certification process; SDL2 concentrates on primary source materials and research. We go more in-depth into the seminal work of Dr. Clare W. Graves and the foundations of the theory central to SPIRAL DYNAMICS programs. Chris Cowan, who worked directly with Dr. Graves during the last decade of his life, brings bring a unique perspective to Graves’ elegant research and the powerful ideas it has generated.

Because your trainers have been working full-time with the theory for 50+ years and applying it in areas ranging from business management and municipal planning to education and social transformation, there is no better source for a clear and accurate understanding of how “the emergent, cyclical, double-helix model of adult bio-psycho-social systems development” can have a positive impact on individual lives and organizational futures.

SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Level 2 is for individuals who want to “get behind the scenes” of human emergence and really understand the deep forces that produce trends, waves and strategies. It also provides a venue for discussing specific applications, projects and research initiatives. Because the advanced seminar is designed to expanding background knowledge and share field experiences using the theory, enrollment is limited to those who have successfully completed NVCC’s SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Level 1 training. Participants will demonstrate five applications of theory and apply what they learn to real-world problems and issues to complete this program.

The approach here is to deepen understanding of these independent and interdependent models by going deeper into the research, examining different applications through case studies and creating opportunities for participants to analyze your own cases, problems and organizations by working with 4-5 volunteers in an Action Learning format. Spiral Dynamics programs, materials, and models can be applied anywhere where human factors must be incorporated into problem solving. Once the basics have been acquired in SDL1 then more in-depth applications and complex problems can be analyzed, understood and discussed through these more encompassing lenses. You will learn to use various models at descriptive, predictive and prescriptive levels.  (This level of training requires NVCC’s SDL1 Certification.)

This program involves 3-5 hours of preparation prior to attending.

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* Please note: Successful completion of NVCC’s SDL1 is a requirement for admission to SDL2. We have found that various other offerings presented as Spiral Dynamics, SDi, SD-integral, and similar offshoots are not comparable. Because of differences in emphasis and our concentration on Gravesian theory in depth, we have found that other basic courses do not adequately prepare students for our intense Spiral Dynamics® Level 2 program. 

We regret any inconvenience this might cause, but have found that participants are consistently glad they fleshed out their knowledge with our SDL1 approach and content as the grounding helps them in applications and to get full measure out of SDL2 learning. It simply is that other programs focus in areas we do not.


Christopher C. Cowan co-author Spiral Dynamics- Mastering Values Leadership and Change, Director and co-founder National Values Centre, Director and Co-founder National Values Centre Consulting. Chris has been working with this material since 1976.


Natasha Todorovic Partner National Values Centre, Director and co-founder National Values Centre Consulting and co-editor of Graves: Levels of Human Existence and The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature with Chris Cowan. Natasha has been working with this material since 1991.