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Spiral Dynamics®Mastering the Principles
October 1 – December 31, 2016   3-month online course to enhance your training to date or to introduce you to principles within the Spiral Dynamics® point of view

Every phenomenon in nature operates within a certain set of principles. Day and night come due to the rotation of earth around its axis. Our seasons occur as earth tilts on that axis on our annual trip around the sun. Weather arises through a set of complex principles meteorologists are still trying to understand that involve the sun, gravity, thermodynamics, and even chemistry. Airplanes fly thanks to aerodynamic principles and careful engineering.

Human nature is no different. Every aspect of us – working, living, and interpersonal interactions – is governed by certain principles. Many people reading this will assume we’re referring to the levels represented by the Spiral Dynamics® colour code. But for Dr. Clare Graves, the least important part of his approach was the Levels of Existence, themselves. In fact, he believed they were merely byproducts of a much more powerful set of interactive forces lying behind human nature – the principles he sought to uncover.

This online Spiral Dynamics® program takes you deeper into the theory to reveal the ins and outs of those principles – nuances of the Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory and its key principles. Designed to complement your training to date, this course helps you make more sense of this complex, systemic approach to expand on your knowledge to date.

So, if you want to…

  • learn more about the inner workings, theory, and structures behind our Spiral Dynamics® trainings and tools in an online environment;
  • delve further into the thinking at the heart of this systems view;
  • know more about SD but are unable to attend an onsite program;
  • check your understanding and deepen your knowledge base;
  • build knowledge but don’t need access to the Spiral Dynamics® Assessment Suite;
  • continue with your SD learning track and drill down further,
…then this “all levels” 12 week program in SD principles will fit your learning needs.
Program Overview

  1. Semi-synchronous learning – you log in regularly according to your schedule
    while following the weekly learning track
  2. Skilled guidance tailored for your personal skill level
  3. Reconstructed Clare Graves audio to better understand the point of view
  4. 10 Key Lessons which take you through the pillars of this approach
  5. Unpacking Emergent-Cyclical Theory

Lessons Overview

  1. Double-Helix and 2nd Tier explored
  2. Unraveling the “neuro” angle – hype and recent research
  3. Making sense of the change models – states, stages, releasers, conditions
  4. Differentiating personality and temperament from Levels of Existence Theory
  5. Relating complementary models, researchers, theorists, and approaches.

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Spiral Dynamics® Practicum
The one year online follow-up to Level 1 and 2 Seminars

The Spiral Dynamics® Practicum is open to those who successfully complete the NVCC SD1 and SD2 courses. It is built as a one year follow-on to the classroom experience to consolidate what you learned and to uncover what you don’t yet understand so as to close those gaps.

The Practicum is built to enhance your analytical skills while you build ‘spiral muscle’ to get a firm grip on the systems. It is intended for both personal and professional development, and relies on a combination of methodologies built around our online learning management system (LMS) which gives students flexibility in a peer community where they can do lessons, participate in ongoing discussions, blog, and even conduct research in a secure environment. This is not for those who want to remain cerebral and keep emotional distance from the work; they should stick with books. The Practicum demands personal engagement and forces some instrospection to explore how the systems express within us and others personally.

Participants are expected to complete a sequence of video-based lessons and related activities. They must be open to feedback from both the instructors and their colleagues. These lessons reinforce and expand on materials covered in the seminars, particularly those things most students find troublesome. The Practicum gives you a chance to further “clean your lenses” to see the Gravesian levels more clearly by consciously working through some of the prejudices and blind spots we all have as baggage. You will review common pitfalls encountered when trying to apply the work and develop your own customized ways to avoid them. The Practicum is not just content; it requires further involvement with live volunteers to refine skills in assessment and facilitation, and to do real-world projects which build your competence, confidence, and ‘spiral muscle’ to use the work more effectively.


Spiral Dynamics® Level 3 Coursework – SDL3
The 12-18 month advanced curriculum via ISDO’s online LMS

Spiral Dynamics® Level 3 is the ISDO “graduate school” and the advanced training in this program. The curriculum includes eight compulsory courses with additional elective options. These will include more about assessment methodologies and pitfalls, applications of the various models in greater depth where many concepts will be expanded. Explorations of the many parallel models of human development that Graves understood will be included as well as those which have emerged subsequently.

The ISDO Spiral Dynamics® Level 3 is designed to prepare consultants, coaches, analysts, and trainers to use the work in their own practices well. Graduates may be invited for further training and to become authorized ISDO trainers in proprietary NVCC SD programs and applications of Dr. Graves’s work.

Participation for Spiral Dynamics® Level 3 requires certification in Spiral Dynamics® Levels 1 and 2 training as delivered by NVCC, as well as successful completion of the Practicum with a minimum of one year experience in applying the materials and models, completion of all activities, working through and developing case studies. Train-the-trainer work and practice instruction are included for those invited to join. Participation in SDL3 is by invitation.

Participants who sign up for Spiral Dynamics® Level 3 are required to carry out several tasks, projects, assignments, and activities in each course. They may select a core competency area for focused work, including teambuilding, diversity, human resources, organizational change and transformation, leadership, management, etc. depending on their area of expertise. The rigor of this course will ensure a high quality of training, mastery of materials and cohesion of theory.

This program is preparing a cadre of experts who can accurately teach and apply this point of view, who can analyze the systems accurately, present the varying aspects of the underlying theory well, and act as regional resources while maintaining the integrity of the work as it evolves.