SD and Leadership

Using the Spiral Dynamics® training to become a more effective Leader

Leaders are not born; they are not made; they are selected by people who choose to follow them. The leader/follower relationship is rooted in the Human Spiral and can be developed by understanding the principles of congruency between leader and follower(s). We’ve designed the Spiral Dynamics® for Leadership course exclusively for those ready for new insights and approaches to management and leadership.

This Spiral Dynamics®course will give you new skills to:

  • Interact successfully with others
  • Motivate your employees and co-workers to excel
  • Communicate in sensitive, non-threatening ways
  • Conduct analyses that help you identify problem areas, resolve conflicts and promote improvement

Through the insights of our Spiral Dynamics® programs, we’ll explore what it takes to build dynamic teams, prepare for change, groom fine managers and identify outstanding leaders. You’ll learn how to inspire employees to higher performance, maximize your positive impact, develop more productive working relationships and really understand people’s needs.

You’ll learn dozens of practical tips, techniques and tactics to help you develop and customize your leadership approach to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges. As you learn how to recognize and respond to the seven leadership needs, you’ll be more than a manager, you’ll become a respected and effective leader.

NVCC’s expert guidance will enable you to:

  • Discover what makes people “tick”
  • The different kinds of followers leaders need to be aware of
  • Manage change in a positive, productive way
  • Learn a new language for individual and organizational transformation
  • Coach individuals to achieve their potential
  • Manage conflict so it’s a constructive part of your organization’s culture.
  • Tap your innate leadership potential to motivate high performance
  • Employ the proven empowerment techniques of successful manager-leaders
  • Prepare yourself and your employees for cultural challenges and sensitivities
  • Develop and communicate a vision for the future that will focus employee efforts
  • Effectively introduce changes to your company and get the support you need to implement them
  • Plan for your company’s future, spark employee commitment, build hard-working teams and inspire productivity
  • Take on a leadership role that’s critical to your company’s ability to produce—and survive
  • Build teams that enable members to use all of their skills and knowledge