SD and Coaching

Coaching is about a little push here, a little pull there, and a lot of being with what is. At the same time you are analyzing exactly what is going on with your clients and what they really need. Successful coaches’ intentions and methods align with their clients’ – congruent coaching – where they, and their work, are matched to client needs in an empowering relationship. The skilled coach is capable of fully understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and intentions of each of their approaches and methods, knows when to use which interventions, and is able to customize and apply particular techniques to not only meet clients’ needs but also to take them further.

While everyone can benefit from the right kind of coaching delivered at the right time in their lives and provided in the right way, all coaching isn’t for everyone. Spiral Dynamics programs will help you to answer the Coach’s Design Question: “how should who coach whom to achieve what ends?” while answering the question of “why coaching” (rather than training, psychotherapy, acupuncture, drugs, a vacation, or a day at a spa).

We assume that: you are already qualified as a coach, that you are competent, you’re experienced in your work, and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level. Seasoned coaches run into the limits of their approaches and begin to ask questions of their methods and demand more from their techniques. If this is you, then you will benefit by:

  • Exploring the many different ways of approaching people
  • Deepening your awareness of Value Systems and Worldviews
  • Applying your tools more effectively with better fit
  • Understanding where a person is, where they want to be, and facilitating that journey more effectively
  • Learning how to use a new model for managing a change process
  • Acquiring new tools to facilitate change and personal/professional development
  • Certification in tools that will help your clients to understand their world(s) better
  • Planning and implementing coaching strategies of best fit
  • Exploring new meanings and approaches to “transformation”
  • Developing insights into conflicts and managing them better