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How to Get Unstuck

A GREAT NEW BOOK YOU HAVE TO HAVE: The final frontier: space, at least according to Star Trek. Others look closer to home and say that we know less about the deep oceans here on our planet than the moon and planets far overhead; the final unexplored frontier that matters is under water. But there’s other terra incognita worth attention, and that’s the realm within our own minds. Exploring the terrain of our motivations and hang-ups, our repeating scripts and patterns, our sense-making and adaptive strategies, takes the strength and courage of an adventurer, too – sometimes more so. When it comes to fully embracing and using what we’ve learned in a Spiral Dynamics® training, it’s not our stars that get in the way; it’s what lies inside.
That inner voyage can be daunting. It brings to mind the time a client told me, “I hear your voice guiding me when I do ____”. I was surprised and a bit uncomfortable at being in someone’s head. But I thought about it and realized I have those little voices, too. We all do. Some are helpful and others not so much. A recent addition goes by the name of Chuck. In this realm he’s a very wise and experienced guide. He’s available for you, too.

When it comes to inward journeys, it really helps to have a friendly voice accompanying you, encouraging you with the right words, helping you with good suggestions, pointing out the sights, and providing kind and helpful reassurance along with some challenges while you progress. That is the kind of voice Dr. Chuck Jones provides with his book, “Getting Unstuck: Upgrade What You Have to Get What You Want“. After years of working as a clinical psychologist and therapist, Chuck has put together a guidebook for untying mental knots, exploring our inner psyches, and journeying into the self.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, if you’ve been concerned that something is wrong with you, if you’re ready to transform your experience of yourself into something more gratifying and empowered, and if you’re ready to begin that journey into your own depths, then you’ll gain a lot by spending some time with Chuck in this book. His voice can help you to unravel some of those internal sticky spots, and it will accompany you as you break out of old patterns and habits that hold you back and replace them with better options. If your experience with “Getting Unstuck” is anything like mine was, you’ll feel this book was written with you and your specific issues in mind since it’s done in a way that lets you tailor it for yourself and the things you confront.

We’ve introduced it in one of our advanced courses as recommended reading and we’re sharing it with you, here. Get it. Work it. You’ll be glad you did.

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