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The Spiral: Much more than a color code


Over the past few weeks we have encountered some disturbing situations. A woman was in tears of frustration because she just couldn’t be “second tier” enough. A young man was experiencing incredible personal trauma seeking to confirm his “turquoise-ness,” lest he be second class being by finding himself mostly in “first tier”. Meanwhile, another, sensing a failing struggle, wondered just how much meditation it would take to “get there,” as if there is a there there which must be achieved. One correspondent was desperate to find a remedy for his “mean green” pathologies since he’d dared to disagree with “gurus” and been convinced of his own deficiencies for questioning dogma. And another was trying to figure out why so much faith-like authoritarian certitude has appeared, an elitist hierarchy in seeming contradiction to the intent of the theory. Sales of Turquoise elixir to a population anxious to become enhanced versions of themselves seem to be booming. One writer recently offered the ‘constructive’ criticism that we sound very “Red” and, of course, just don’t get it. Meanwhile, we ask ourselves if the entire world of fans of the Human Spiral model is going crazy.

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