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What is the relationship of our Spiral Dynamics approach with the “integral” movement?

Integral and the Spiral

Many people come to our Spiral Dynamics® programs from introductions linked to integral perspectives and philosopher Ken Wilber’s writings. Usually, they are ready for more depth in SD training and want a solid foundation in Gravesian theory.  Sometimes the ideas have resonated but they have been put off by various aspects of other approaches to it. Frequently, they have felt inspired but no so well informed, enlightened but ill prepared to use the Gravesian materials well. While we do not teach spirituality, heightened consciousness, or transpersonal theory, we do offer a framework for understanding how people think about those things, and approaches to dealing with them as they change to new points of view.

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  1. Integralism
  2. Integral and the Spiral
  3. The Spiral and Ken Wilber’s followers
  4. About the SPIRAL DYNAMICS® Brand, Integral, and business
  5. Controls
  6. Changes and correlations
  7. Quadrants
  8. Caveats for the integrals and integralism
  9. The Spiral and spirituality
  10. Spread of the Spiral and the term “Spiral Dynamics”
  11. Graves’s approach was integral before integral was trendy
  12. Is there such a thing as “the Mean Green meme?”
  13. So what do we really think about writer Ken Wilber’s representation of the Spiral and Graves?

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